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Ask the Chef…

Is there a dish you liked when dining at the SWG?  Ask the chef for the recipe here…

  1. My husband and I came to the restaurant for the first time at “Early Bird” dinner hour. Food was absolutely awesome! I had crab cakes, my husband had fish. Delicious! Your chowder was the best we have had …. recipe possible?????????
    Complements to the chef! Can’t wait to bring family and friends!

  2. Thanks so much for the comments! Here is a bit of information about the chowder: Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Chowder Clams, Clam Broth, S&P, Fresh Thyme, Old Bay Spice, Bay Leaf, Cayenne Pepper, Heavy Cream. LSWG Chef

    • Thanks so much for the bit of info. for the chowder. I finally decided to give it a try …. took your list of ingredients and “played” with them to produce Friday nite chowder. Although not quite the same, my husband said: “Not bad, but how come it doesn’t have that orange color?” I didn’t want to go overboard on the spices …. is that where the color comes from? Color aside, the chowder was a successful first attempt. Thanks so much for responding. Looking forward to experimenting again on the next Friday Nite Chowder Nite! Color Hint??????

  3. We were recommended to the restaurant while in the area for a wedding. Our experience was fabulous in every aspect. The cuisine was absolutely delicious. This is the kind of place that creates daydreams about a second visit while you’re still enjoying your first.

  4. As the Chef I was wondering what appetizer and entree is your most popular/famous? Also, since you are afterall the creator of these delicious dishes, what are your personal favorites of the menu? I would very much like to try some of these recommendations upon my next visit to you and your wife’s beautiful establishment when I bring some of my family and friends.
    Thanks Chef

  5. OMG! Still thinking about the Lump Crab Chowder at the Wine tasting event in Southbury. It was the best Chowder I have ever had…….in my (very) long life! Here’e hoping it will be on the lunch menu November 6th.

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