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Top Three Beers to Pair with Your Lobster Dinner…

In Sommelier Corner on May 26, 2011 at 7:36 pm

We have revamped our beer list for the summer to bring to you a more selections from Craft breweries both on draft and by the bottle.  The following are three new beers we recommend you try with your lobster dinner (best bet: $25 on Monday Night Lobster Night).

#1  Harpoon Hefeweizen UFO

Wheat beers are one of my favorite to pair with lobster.  UFO Hefeweisen  has a cloudy color typical of wheat beers.  The taste is yeasty, zesty, and tangy with citrus flavors that are the perfect accompaniment to a summer seafood feast.  If you’re a fan of Hefeweizens you will love this beer. $4.75 by the bottle on the new Saltwater Grille summer beer list.

FYI: Harpoon Brewery is located in Boston, Massachusetts and Windsor, Vermont.  Owners Rich Doyle, Dan Kenary and George Ligeti were key players in the revolution of craft beer.

#2  Lagunitas IPA

The Lagunitas Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Petaluma, California that has gained a bit of a cult status.  This IPA is pale in color and full in flavor. To me this is a super hoppy beer that can stand up to a meaty lobster with salty butter.  Beer Advocate gave it 85 points.  Try it on draft during Happy Hour for only $3 or $6 at it’s regular price.

#3  Blue Moon

Orange citrus and lemon on the nose. A medium bodied beer with a refreshing wheat flavor.  Enjoy your Blue Moon garnished with a slice of orange to bring out the citrus flavors.   Besides lobster Blue Moon is a great pairing for a light salad, chicken dish, or any raw bar course.

Brett Clugston, SWG Sommelier

  1. As for beers that go well with lobster, you should try Saison DuPont, it is a really wonderfully subtle Belgian Farmhouse Ale that does not overpower a broiled lobster stuffed with mussels and scallions.

    Best Regards,

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